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Meta Description Penny Auction Software - Complete Solution for your online penny auction business, stop bidding and start your own auction site.

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Penny Auction Software

If you want a modern, convenient, and accessible solution for your auctions, Propenny Auction Software is the best choice you can make. A leader in the penny auction industry, this software has superior performance due to the usage of a web socket based timer. This means that data will be updated effectively, without the need to access MySQL each time . Also, the software is extremely versatile, supporting a wide range of auctions, as following:

How can i make money with penny Auction?

Let us use a simple example to show you how you can earn money with this software. If you set a minimum bid price of $1 per bid and the price of your product is $100, then you are going to sell a $100 gift card in penny auction format. Thus, the auction starts with the price of $0.00 and as soon as a user places a bid for your product, the price will increase with 1 cent (or xx cent/$ whatever value you decide to set). So, after 100 bids, the price of the product will be $1 and after 150 bids the product price will reach $1.50. In this case, if there is a total number of 180 bids placed on auction for your product, you will get $180 from bids + $1.80 from auction price + the shipping price of the product.

What if the auction closes below the minimum set price?

Our software gives you the possibility to set a minimum price for your auction, for best management of the selling process. Still, there is the chance for an auction to end while the value is below the set minimum price. In this case, you can refund all the bidders that participated at your auction or, in case you don’t want to refund them, you can extend the duration of the auction with an additional 24 or more hours.

What are the costs of Propenny Auction Software?

There are 3 packages available, depending on your needs and requirements:

•   Starter package at $399 USD;
•   Professional package at $999 USD;
•   Corporate package at $1500 USD;

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